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Dear Friend,

Was the information on this blog valuable to you in any way? Did you make use of it for research or other purposes? If the answer is yes – please consider supporting us.

Theatre Nohgaku needs your support!

We’re a group of contemporary performers creating new and vibrant theatrical expression out of our passion for the classical noh drama of Japan. Our love of this extraordinary art form compels us to share its beauty and power with English speaking audiences through the creation and production of original English language noh plays (‘shinsaku-noh’ in English.)

fillerWhy do we need your support? It takes a lot of training and specialized knowledge of all aspects noh in order for us to present the form in the authentic way that we’re dedicated to. All of our performers are cross-trained in music, dance, chant and movement. This takes considerable time, effort, energy – and money. It is a life-long commitment to train in the art, and through that dedicated training develop new works.

Your support will help assist us with the following:

  • Our annual rehearsals
  • The continuing development of new work.
  • Performance retreats at the Rogue River Noh Center in Belmont, MI.
  • Our annual workshop series: Writers Workshop and Advanced Writers Workshops (for playwrights to study the dramaturgy of noh), Music Workshop and Noh Costuming Workshop.
  • Educational outreach including residencies, workshops and demonstrations.
  • Ongoing training of our members.
  • (And of course … continue contributing to this blog!)

Thank you!

Tom O’Connor
Managing Director,
Theatre Nohgaku


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