Blog Mission

The mission of the Theatre Nohgaku blog is to present information related to the art of noh in all its forms: music, movement, chant, history, spirituality and performance practice. This blog is an aspect of our continuing educational outreach.

onnaHere you’ll find insights from performers, comments from viewers, critical analysis, full English-language librettos, traditional play synopses, interviews as well as news and updates for the performance company Theatre Nohgaku.

Our conviction is that noh has transcended the centuries since its creation due to its enduring ability to speak to the human condition. Through the stories of the plays, and the structure of the music, noh reaches out to us and can have an emotional connection that extends beyond language and cultural barriers. Our awareness of this timelessness can prove to enrich our lives by providing invigoration, excitement and sublime beauty.

We invite and encourage you to read through the variety of topics offered here, and to share this information with your friends and colleagues. Please leave us a comment, we’d be happy to hear from you!


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