kurozuka_1Transformed by rage
she became a demon

Yet, even now –
in the face of heaven and earth
she weakened
her terrible form diminished
then blinded

Without sight she drifted
Without purpose
on increasingly unsteady feet

Now denied her;
her home, in the black grave mound
on the plain of Adachigahara

Made wretched and ashamed
by the holy voice that assailed her;
stoking her anger –
filling her with dreadful purpose once more

She disappeared into the storm-wracked night
whipped away by the winds
and the lashing rain


About Theatre Nohgaku

Noh, one of the oldest continuing stage arts, combines highly stylized dance, chant, music, mask and costume with intense inner concentration and physical discipline, creating a uniquely powerful theatrical experience. Theatre Nohgaku’s mission is to share noh’s beauty and power with English speaking audiences and performers. We have found that this traditional form retains its dramatic effectiveness in languages other than Japanese. We believe noh techniques hold a powerful means of expression in the context of contemporary English language theatre.
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