The Wind in the Pines

A reflection on Matsukaze


What memory is this?
The moon
caught still
in a pail
of salt.

Two moons
one proving as
as the next.

The wind
twisted round the pines
pulling at
their limbs
along the
Suma shore.

The smoke
from distant kilns
sketches pillars
that cannot
quite reach
the heavens.

Where might
we rest?
Beside the ever
unquiet waters.
Beneath the ever
auburn sky.

A placard of
silvered wood
etched by rain
might reveal
our names.


About Theatre Nohgaku

Noh, one of the oldest continuing stage arts, combines highly stylized dance, chant, music, mask and costume with intense inner concentration and physical discipline, creating a uniquely powerful theatrical experience. Theatre Nohgaku’s mission is to share noh’s beauty and power with English speaking audiences and performers. We have found that this traditional form retains its dramatic effectiveness in languages other than Japanese. We believe noh techniques hold a powerful means of expression in the context of contemporary English language theatre.
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